Roger is of course Ralph's best friend. He has a real job because he was man enough to finish college. He pays 3/4 of the rent. He only lets Ralph stay there because he thinks Ralph is funny and because he won't find any other friends (also because he knows Ralph is a chick magnet). He cleans Ralph's social messes and takes his old girl friends (Although Ralph pretends he does not know Roger does this.) He never stops fixing the computer and is addicted to his MYSPACE.



Ralph is light-hearted about everything and never seems to be sad or upset. He works as a pizza delivery boy and only makes about 1/4 the money Roger does although he is famous for bringing home a pizza on Saturdays. He tends to let Roger clean up his social messes and take his old girl friends. Altough we will never know how he bought Roger a bike. (Embezzelment ring a belll?)


The Evil Russain Lady Down Stairs:

Every apartment complex has one. She is good for making a fool of the people around her, delivering packages for Ralph (not to mention some other things), and generaly screwing things up. She's not all bad however, as she is honest and generous and always ready to help (although her help and input is not always wanted).